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Spreading dat joy to er body #joyfulhart

i like this song, this is cool:) smiles

Poised for death my radiance deceives whoever bears me is no thief but hungry? … The riddle

Trailing deluge fathoms of earth moving power a cleansing outcome I give life and I devour? … the riddle

My arms out reached to heaven my feet tree in forest my eyes ablaze with my stomach full of seed? … the riddle

Seas of green isles of white turquoise mangoes on fast footed flight inhale my sanction my mark un-ranked distinction noteworthy of perilous foundation? …the riddle

666 Mark of the Beast Setup Worldwide By 2017? - Perry Stone (by kingdomwarriorscom)

How to Crash a Car (by finalcutqueen)

Asbury Park Episode 1 (by AlThompsonInc)

Jive Turkey (Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes) (by CaptainSmelling)